List of Plates

1. Engraving of deer on east wall of Church Hole

2. Close up of deer's head

3. Close up of the rear portion of the deer and set of engraved vertical lines below

4. Incomplete engraving of bovid on east wall of Church Hole cave

5. Two vulvae engraved on the west wall of Church Hole, opposite the deer and bovid

6. Engraved vulva of three converging lines on ceiling of Church Hole, between wall engravings of deer and vulvae

7. Part-sculpted, part-natural bird's head on upper wall of Church Hole

8. Enigmatic engraving of joined pair of lines on the west wall of Church Hole at the rear of the entrance chamber

9. Engraved group of images interpreted either as stylized human females or long-necked birds

10. General view of Creswell Crags looking towards the west. Church Hole cave is in the distance on the left

11. General view of the main cave of Church Hole. Most of the engravings can be found in this area

12. Church Hole Panel III, the 'stag' with engraved lines emphasized. Antler tines are the interpretation of S. Ripoll but are probably natural

13. Paul B. Pettitt showing a possible means of engraving Panel VII in the Magdalenian

14. Abri Bourdois: caprids sculpted in haut-relief and actual size (photo © G. Pincon)

15. Cueva de El Castillo: ibex no. 56

16. The entwined horses of Ribeira de Piscos and their immediate surroundings (photo © Antonio Pedro Batarda Fernandes)

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