Panel VII

Horse 1 (23 x 22 cm) is a horse with an upright chest and small duck-bill head; the eye is marked by a small natural depression in the wall; the single ear points forward, and may depict an animal on the lookout; the neck is powerful but not exaggerated, the belly slightly drooping, the groin marked by a deep rounded notch; the single hind leg is well shaped and very Wne, while both fore legs are shown, and with an extra line that perhaps expresses movement. The very long tail has a double line. An oblique line forms a separation between the neck and the body as in the horses of Pech Merle and Frayssinet-le-Gelat (Lot).

This Wgure is remarkable for its Wnesse, its elegance, and its precise details: behind the mane one can see series of short, Wne parallel incisions depicting its hair. Inside the neck, fine vertical hatchings occur along the outline of the chest; here again, it may be a conventional depiction of the coat, and likewise the oblique stroke at the base of the neck which has just been mentioned.

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