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This is the projection of a coloured liquid, first interpreted as a 'graphic construction' difficult to decipher. The impact produced a deposit of thick paint from which four sinuous lines radiate out (Figure 9.31, Sign 35). The assemblage does

Fig. 9.30. Red line 'straddling' the two registers of the right wall
Fig. 9.31. Unusual associations of signs

not seem accidental. The surface concerned is too small for an act ofprofanation, of very ancient vandalism which consisted in tarnishing the place. The hypothesis of a magico-religious act adding to the decorated wall is highly probable: the deposit by spraying of a coloured substance during ceremonies. Projections of paint are not unknown in parietal art. They form part ofparietal decorations that are considered 'very original and much rarer than charcoal traces'—at any rate, they are not mentioned very often (Lorblanchet 1974). Some brown series are known in the cave of Les Escabasses (Lot), and red in the Pena de Candamo (Asturias).

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