Systematic Survey In The Creswell Region

During our work in Creswell Crags we took the opportunity to explore systematically other neighbouring areas, including areas with limestone cliffs. First, we took a detailed look at the area of Markland Grips, in a zone between Clowne and Creswell, to check whether there were any caves here of sufficient size or with suitable surfaces that might contain artistic works. We observed that the base-rock, albeit a Magnesian limestone, was completely different in character from that of Creswell. Here, the limestone is totally cracked and fissured in a horizontal direction, and therefore does not allow the formation of cavities of any size, only that of small shelters of about 2 metres depth, with no flat surfaces. We also visited the limestone outcrop of Anston Stone Gorge in the valley of Lindrik (Anston), where the Palaeolithic site of Dead Man's Cave has been known since the 1930s. In this zone the situation was the same as at Markland Grips, with a base-rock that is totally weathered, and in which only small shallow shelters can be formed.

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