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The Neoproterozoic and Snowball Earth

The last phase of Precambrian time is called the Neoproterozoic, a term applied to rocks dated from 1,000 to 542 million years ago. During this time, the diversity of fossils increases. This might reflect a real burst of new life forms following the invention of sex and multicellularity, or it might simply reflect the fact that it is perhaps easier for palaeontologists to find larger fossils that are visible to the naked eye. Some quite remarkable multicelled animals appeared about 575 to 565 million years ago.

Just Gotta Poke Around

When we propose new space missions, we have to make the case as compelling as possible, because our proposals are just chirps in a crowded nest of hungry little birds, beaks open wide and desperately hoping for that big worm from Mama NASA. These days everyone knows that if we want to get fed, we had better squawk loudly about astrobiology. We all want our planetary missions to be as sexy as possible, and to seek new life has an enticing ring, whereas simply boldly going where no one has gone before sounds like a rerun. Making this connection is sometimes seen as a great challenge for planets that are generally regarded as big biospheric losers.

College and graduate school

It didn't work for three different reasons, which we found out after we got back. That night was awful. Three years of workwent up, up, and away, and there wasn't a thing we could do about it. We sat in the control room, thinking about what to do to recover, and sending computer commands, but nothing helped. It was a defining moment. I decided that my Zen needed revision. I couldn't, I wouldn't ever, be so impatient. I would test everything. This time, Paul let me finish my thesis on the basis of the previous work, and in January 19741 left California for a new life. David rebuilt the apparatus and flew

Goldschmidts Useful Developmental Approach

Although the language seems archaic, the spirit of this approach is more vibrant than ever. Garcia-Bellido's (1975) important discovery of compartments in the development of Drosophila (see chapter 4) extended Goldschmidt's work on wing patterns in the gypsy moth, Lymantria dispar. Today, the determination stream has new life in the form of the study of conservatism in developmental gene action and in the role of epigenetic processes in organizing and constraining evolution. Unfortunately, we have lost Goldschmidt, who is usually not cited in works in this field (e.g., Alberch 1982 Bonner 1982 Gould 1982b Maderson et al. 1982). Such is the power of the hopeful monster concept promulgated in Goldschmidt's disastrous second volume. It effectively erased the potential positive effect of his pioneering earlier work and probably abscised his potential ability to hasten the rise of a major research field integrating evolutionary and developmental biology. The tension between the followers...

Looking back and looking ahead

The figure of Janus faces both ways at the threshold of each new beginning, and regards both past and future. The original redshift z 3.4 searches demonstrated that high-redshift galaxies with strong Lyman alpha emission were commonly found, and that this was likely to be a good way of finding higher-redshift galaxies. A second filter

The Lighter Side Of Pluto

Mercury may be a burnout case, and Mars isn't what he used to be. Venus is a hottie, but she'll make your life hell. With Saturn, it's all about the rings and the bling. Jupiter takes himself waaaay too seriously. Uranus won't stop with the off-color puns, while Neptune's jokes will leave you cold. But Pluto Now that's one funny planet

Jupiter and How to Observe It

Welcome to a wonderful pastime Observing the planets and learning something about them is an activity that anyone can do. I often liken amateur astronomy to the game of golf. Anyone can take up the sport. You can spend lots of money for equipment or you can be more frugal. You can participate at any level you wish and you can start when you are young and continue until you are old, all of your life at any age However, amateur astronomers have one great advantage we don't have to complain about our golf scores My interest in astronomy began in the 1960s, not in science class but in reading class. We read a story in the eighth grade about the Hale 200-in. telescope on Mount Palomar, and how George Hale raised the money so it could be built. I am not sure what happened, but something in me just clicked and I knew that somehow I had to get into astronomy. My parents were poor, so my first telescope was inexpensive, small and hopelessly inadequate yet, I remember going out with it every...

The Times of Their Lives

It is a sobering thought, for the modernists among us that ancient archaeological history provides us with a number of examples of dedicated, multigenerational, large-scale building projects. The great megalithic encampment of Stonehenge (see Figure 6.19) in Britain, for example, is a structure that was adapted and maintained over a time span of at least a thousand years starting from circa 3,000 B.C. Its true purpose is not readily known to us today, but it was clearly an extremely important object to our distant ancestors, who invested a tremendous amount of time, energy, and no doubt lives into its development. For the many extended family clans that lived upon the downs that surround the Stone-henge structure, it was an ancient object that bound them together. It was also a structure that they communally nurtured in order that it might pass into the ''now'' of their distant descendants. It is often said that if we don't remember our history, we are doomed to repeat

Frauds Fakes and surprises

Fake Cat Mummies

This final case presents a rationale for imaging entire museum collections. Too often, museum collections hold objects of antiquity that are out of context and, due to resource restrictions and the shear volume of some collections, curators have been unable to study items of interest. While at the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose, California, the curator brought to our attention a unique artifact from their collection rooms (Mummy Menagerie 2003b). The Egyptian piece had the shape of a falcon made from wood, approximately 15 in. (38.1 cm) in length, and was assumed to hold a falcon mummy. Upon closer examination, the falcon coffin was holding a small figurine of the human form wrapped in very fine linen. The human shape was in the form of Osiris with arms crossed across the chest. In Egyptian mythology, Osiris was killed by his brother and torn into little pieces. Osiris' wife, Isis, gathered all the pieces and put him back together. Osiris, who died and then lived again, was...

My What Big Teeth You Have

We were already deep into our research on primate predation, so the story had strong intellectual interest. The fact that one of us (DH) had met the woman in question just a few months prior to the headline, and personally heard about her intention to move to Zaire, added a personal and emotional facet. Ms. Sandra Rossi had just finished a stint as campaign coordinator for Geri Rothman-Serot, a candidate running for the U.S. Senate from Missouri. After the exciting but unsuccessful campaign, on election night Rossi told me of her plans to be in Africa by January and start an entirely new life as a tutor for the children of a couple engaged in wildlife research deep in the interior of Zaire (now Democratic Republic of the Congo). Two months into her job, a near-fatal incident occurred she was attacked by a crocodile while wading in a river with the 8-year-old girl who was her pupil. Doctors in Zaire were forced to amputate Rossi's arm to the elbow after the croc mangled the limb beyond...

An Overview Of Embryo Development In The Fruit

At the end of the 14th cell cycle (about 4 hours after fertilization), cell movement (or morphogenesis) begins. The period of embryonic development during which cells move as groups or migrate as individual cells is referred to as gastrulation. Distinguished developmental biologist Lewis Wolpert once said that It is not birth, marriage, or death, but gastrulation that is truly the most important time in your life. The point of this unusual philosophical perspective is that formation of a normal-looking and functional individual is determined by complex cellular movements and interactions between cells during gastrulation. This highly choreographed dance places cells that are fated to form a given tissue in the correct position at the appropriate time to receive

Boby And Trace Fossil In Paleobiology

Bioturbation Index

Simple shallow burrows (Planolites), then unbranched horizontal traces such as Archae-onassa, Helminthoidichnites and Helmin-thorhaphe (Jensen 2003). In the third Neoproterozoic, trace fossil zone are the first records of simple burrow systems (Treptich-nus) and traces with a three-lobed lower surface ( Curvolithus ). The basal Cambrian is then marked by the Treptichnus pedum zone, characterized by Treptichnus, Gyro-lithes and Bergaueria, examples of branching burrow systems and sea anemone resting traces. The body fossils show a sudden explosion of marine animals at the beginning of the Cambrian. The trace fossils give richer detail a longer-term build-up of complexity in the latest Precambrian, and then the explosion of new life forms.

The Theory Of Seafloor Spreading

Hess first presented this idea in 1959 but did not formally publish his theory until 1962 in a report entitled History of Ocean Basins. The concept was brilliant, and it tied up many geological lose ends. It explained why the rocks and fossils in the ocean were so much younger than the rocks found on the continents. It also explained what happened to all the missing sediment. Most importantly, it gave new life to the idea of continental drift. Seafloor spreading, driven by the convection currents that Arthur Holmes had suggested could be found deep in the Earth, would provide the means to make the continents move. But was there any hard evidence to prove that seafloor spreading existed It turns out the evi

Getting CO Stoned

Will interact with an oxygen molecule to produce a calcium oxide (schematically 2Ca + O2 ) 2 CaO). The calcium oxide will then react with a carbon dioxide molecule to produce calcium carbonate (schematically CaO + CO2 ) CaCO3). A similar chain of reactions with magnesium will produce magnesium carbonate MgCO3. Through this chain of reactions, an inert carbonate dust will fall to the surface of Venus. Once the atmospheric CO2 has been predominantly locked away in the carbonate layer, the final terraform-ing and seeding for new life phase can proceed in a similar manner to that described by Oberg and Fogg.

First Fumblings

At one abrupt moment roughly 600 million years ago, something shook the Earth out of its complacency. From this came the beginnings of eyes, teeth, legs, wings, feathers, hair and brains. Every insect, every ape and antelope, every fish, bird and worm. Whatever triggered this new beginning was ultimately responsible for the existence of you and everyone you've ever known.

Very Human Machine

''You rely on those machines for your life,'' remarked Rick Searfoss. ''It felt like a home, being protected with no fear. It's somewhat akin to the way old sailors in clipper ships were brought home safely from a journey. When Columbia was lost, it affected me in that way.''

Pyramid Power

The Anti Gravity Coral Castle

Taking a slightly different approach, Christopher Dunn argues that pyramid power offers a convincing explanation for the true purpose of ancient pyramids, an explanation much better than the accepted notion that the pyramids were nothing more than tombs. Indeed, Dunn claims that the ancient pyramids were themselves power plants, used by the ancient Egyptians to power their advanced

The Unity Of Life

Escherich originally dubbed his bacteria Bacterium coli communis a common bacterium of the colon. In 1918, seven years after Escherich's death, scientists renamed it in his honor. By the time it got a new name, it had taken on a new life. Microbiologists were beginning to rear it by the billions in their laboratories.


By now, it should be evident that these fascinating creatures called dinosaurs played a pivotal role in Earth's history. Perhaps your newfound knowledge of dinosaurs will enter conversation at parties or serve you in trivia contests with the youngsters in your life. Yet you might reasonably ask (as many have asked me), What relevance do dinosaurs have today Do they serve any utility beyond their entertainment value Let me try to persuade you that dinosaurs still have much to teach us, if we care to listen.

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