Appendix Abiotic Regolith Effect

The possible implications of the impact of regolith cover on an abiotic land surface to weathering rates is discussed below in consideration of a simple model.

Let E = the weathering enhancement factor from abiotic regolith (i.e., enhancement of weathering intensity, flux/land area); x = fraction of land covered by regolith; R = ratio of biotic weathering intensity (soil of course included here)/abiotic intensity on two-dimensional land surface; Be = effective biotic enhancement factor = (biotic weathering intensity)/abiotic (with regolith).

Let ao = abiotic weathering intensity with no regolith and a = abiotic weathering intensity with some regolith coverage. Then, a = ao (1 — x) + E(x) and R/Be = a/ao


The relevant functionality is between Be and x. Let ao = 1. The results of the model calculations are shown in table 6-3.

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