F0rew0rd:The Unmetabolized Darwin by Niles Eldredge ix

Foreword to the Second Edition by Judge John E. Jones III xv

Preface xvii

Acknowledgments xxi

Introduction: The Pillars of Creationism xxiii

PART I: Science, Evolution, Religion, and Creationism 1

Chapter 1. Science: Truth without Certainty 3

Chapter 2. Evolution 23

Chapter 3. Beliefs: Religion, Creationism, and Naturalism 53

PART II: A History of the Creationism/Evolution Controversy 77

Chapter 4. Before Darwin to the Twentieth Century 79

Chapter 5. Eliminating Evolution, Inventing Creation Science 97

Chapter 6. Neocreationism 119 Chapter 7. Testing Intelligent Design and Evidence against Evolution in the Courts 145

PART III: Selections from the Literature 165

Chapter 8. Cosmology, Astronomy, Geology 167

Chapter 9. Patterns and Processes of Biological Evolution 187

Chapter 10. Legal Issues 219

Chapter 11. Educational Issues 247

Chapter 12. Issues Concerning Religion 269

Chapter 13. The Nature of Science 287

Chapter 14. Evolution and Creationism in the Media and Public Opinion 303

References for Further Exploration 333

Name Index 343

Subject Index 347

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