Evidenceagainstevolution Substitutes For Creationism

As discussed in chapter 6, the current manifestation of the old creation science two-model approach is for creationists to propose that evolution be "balanced" by the teaching of alleged evidenced against evolution (EAE). Believing that EAE is evidence for creationism, creationists presume that students taught that evolution is weak or inadequate theory, even in the absence of direct instruction by a teacher, will conclude that therefore God must have specially created living things. This perspective is found both in creation science and in ID; the logical basis of ID is that evolution is inadequate to explain complexity, hence an intelligent designer (God) by default must have specially created complex natural phenomena.

After ID failed to survive its first court challenge, EAE has become the most popular manifestations of creationism. This approach has not yet been systematically dealt with in the courts, but as EAE policies become more popular, there will be more opposition to them in the future. One case in which EAE was a component was that of a high school biology teacher in Minnesota.

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