Evolution Is A Theory In Crisis

In 1986, the New Zealand physician Michael Denton wrote a book titled Evolution: A Theory in Crisis, which became and remains very popular in creationist circles. Denton claimed that there were major scientific flaws in the theory of evolution. This idea is not new: throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, there was no shortage of claims that evolution scientifically was on its last legs, as documented delightfully by Glenn Morton (http://home.entouch.net/dmd/moreandmore.htm). Of course, such claims continue to be made in the twenty-first century as well. Ironically, Denton has rejected the antievolutionary claims of some of his readers, and describes his 1986 book as opposing Darwinism (i.e., evolution through natural selection) rather than rejecting evolution itself (Denton 1999).

Through constant reiteration in creationist literature and in letters to the editor in newspapers around the country, the idea that evolution is shaky science is constantly spread to the general public, which by and large is unaware of the theoretical and evidentiary strength of evolution. Evolution as a science is discussed in chapter 2.

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