Selections from the Literature

In part 3, I present selections from the antievolutionist literature and responses from the pro-evolution side. I do not present evidence for evolution; as emphasized throughout this book, evolution is the consensus view of the scientific community, supported by overwhelming evidence from a variety of scientific fields. The best way to begin to learn about the evidence for evolution is to take courses at the university level (they are rarely offered in high school) or to study popular—or better, scientific—sources that present the evidence and theory of this science, some of which are included as references in other chapters and in Further Reading. As discussed in chapter 2, evolution is included among a variety of sciences, including astronomy, geology, biochemistry, biology, and anthropology. Because this book concentrates on the creationism/evolution controversy, I have made antievolutionism the focus of selections from the literature.

Part 3 is organized topically, beginning with the physical sciences in chapter 8 and moving to biology in chapter 9 and legal issues in chapter 10. Educational issues are taken up in chapter 11, followed by religious issues in chapter 12 and topics relevant to the philosophy of science in chapter 13. In this second edition, a new chapter 14, "Creationism and Evolution in the Media and Public Opinion," has been added, which looks at the coverage of the controversy in the press and at surveys of opinions about evolution representing the general public, scientists, and teachers.

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