Sometimes people believe a statement because they are told it comes from a source that is unquestionable: from God, or the gods, or some other supernatural power. Seekers of advice from the Greek oracle at Delphi believed what they were told because they believed that the oracle received information directly from Apollo; similarly, Muslims believe the contents of the Koran were revealed to Muhammad by God; and Christians believe the New Testament is true because the authors were directly inspired by God. A problem with revealed truth, however, is that one must accept the worldview of the speaker in order to accept the statement; there is no outside referent. If you don't believe in Apollo, you're not going to trust the Delphic oracle's pronouncements; if you're not a Mormon or a Catholic, you are not likely to believe that God speaks directly to the Mormon president or the pope. Information obtained through revelation is difficult to verify because there is not an outside referent that all parties are likely to agree upon.

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