Case James Penn

The mummified remains of a male individual have been in the care of the Theodore C. Auman Funeral Home in Reading, Pennsylvania, for over 100 years. The remains, said

Figure 7.22 oral endoscopic route of entry on James Penn. lateral conventional radiograph of James Penn showing coinlike structures in the oro- and laryngopharynx as well as the upper esophagus. Note that the radiograph also shows the endoscope location.

to be those of a James Penn, an imprisoned burglar who died in 1895, was embalmed by Theodore Auman in an attempt to allow any family members time to claim their relative. The embalming solution used—an early formulation of formaldehyde—preserved the body so well that it is still in excellent condition (Conlogue et al. 2008). No previous examination of the remains has been recorded. Several newspaper accounts of James Penn's life, death, and mummification were reported. However, the very same source reported that someone named James Penn was buried. If that is true, who was this mummy and when was he mummified? Anecdotal accounts of public viewings in the funeral home have been reported. Internal context artifact analysis became a factor in this case regarding the temporal context associated with these remains.

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