Since this text is the culmination of over 40 years as a radiographer, the arst dedication is to those radiographers, Ray Gagnon, Marty Ricart, Bob Pooler, and Charlie Maccalous, who were not only my teachers, demonstrating the science and art of radiography, but also instilled the spirit that anything is possible. To Drs. E. Leon Kier and John Ogden, who taught me how to formulate and carry out research. To the late Dr. Tony Bravo, who showed me not only courage in the face of death, but also how to enjoy life. To my son Byron, his wife Nicole, my daughter Keanau, and my son Michael, who continue to be very accepting of my eccentricities. Last, but certainly not least, to Shar Walbaum whose encouragement, conadence, and belief in my pursuits are ultimately responsible for my success and this book.

Gerald Conlogue

This book is further dedicated to those many individuals who have helped me to develop not only my endoscopic skills but also those who have enhanced my understanding of pathophysiology among the living. LeRoy Johansen, Steven McPherson, Bud Spearman, Robert Kaczmarek, Dean Hess, and Harold McAlpine, who collectively showed me how to be a respiratory therapist, to never be satisaed with the status quo, and provided a model to follow in research and scholarly work. To Drs. William Ludt and Michael McNamee, who constantly challenged my understanding of clinical medicine and disease states and encouraged me to know more. To Ralph "Buster"Beckett whose early 20th century work in agricultural research sparked my desire to understand the world around me. To my parents, Howard and Terry & Beckett, who taught me how to "play in the sand", no matter how old I was. To my sons Matthew, Paul, and James, and my daughter Julie, who have been so very supportive of my interests and efforts and from whom I have and continue to learn so much. And to my wife Katherine Harper-Beckett, who has supported not only this project but held me up on so many occasions with her quite strength and sincere belief in me. I am forever blessed.

Ronald Beckett

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