Film Drying and Viewing

Film drying is a pretty straightforward and logical procedure. Simply string a clothesline either inside or outside the building, and hang the film on it with clothespins. Drying inside the building has the advantage of minimizing debris attachment to the wet surface before the films are completely dry. It can also be done regardless of the weather.

Film viewing in the field is usually accomplished "al fresco." Simply hold the film up to the sun or a bright light and begin interpreting the data.

Figure 2.22 Plywood tanks positioned within the portable darkroom.
Figure 2.23 A 30-gal container (A) that was used as a wash tank in Leymebamba, Peru. Note the film hangers (B) resting on the post, the lead apron (C) hanging on the post, and the x-films drying on the clothesline.

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