endo 169



Secreted glycoprotein


Endomesoderm; endoderm

Blastopore and hindgut

Transcription factor


Endomesoderm; endoderm

Foregut, midgut, hindgut

Transcription factor

Except where noted, all examples are from Strongylocentrotus pnipuratus. The following references refer to location of embryonic gene expression, rather than to characteristics of the protein product, regulatory apparatus, or other aspects:

2 Lp, Lytechinus pictus sped.

3 For spec and LpS genes see Tomlinson and Klein (1990); Hardin et al (1985); Lynn et al. (1983); Gan et al (1990). ' For cyllla see Cox et al (1984); Kirchhamer and Davidson (1996); Bogaracl et al. (1998).

6 Killian and Wilt (1989); Benson et al. (1987); Sucov et al. (1988); see Fig. 3-1G.

8 Guss ancl Ettensohn (1997).

9 Nocente-McGrath et al. (1989); Ransick et al (1993); Godin et al. (1996).

10 Wang et al. (1996); unpublished data from author's laboratory (see Fig. 3.2A).

11 Unpublished data from author's laboratory.

12 Not determined, except that gene is activated in late cleavage (10-12 h in S. pwpuratus).

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