U Diplodocus Skull

Several almost complete Diplodocus skeletons were excavated. This giant sauropod (a plant-eating dinosaur), whose small head was just 1^2 ft (0.5 m) long, stripped leaves from trees with its peglike teeth.


A big predator, Ceratosaurus crossed the low-lying floodplain on the hunt for prey. Its bones have been found at the site, mixed among the fossils of herbivores. A short horn grew from its head, between its eyes. This may have been used in a headbutting contest with a rival Ceratosaurus rfi)

UGE openings in the skull, hich was 1 m (3 ft) long, ade it lighter

Jaw muscles were powerful, allowing Allosaurus to swallow huge mouthfuls of flesh

Eyes were on the side of the head, giving Allosaurus a wide field of vision


Several Allosaurus have been collected at the Dinosaur National Monument. The large carnivore of the Jurassic Perioc an adult reached lengths of 39 (12 m). Its long teeth sliced in' flesh then, as it tossed its hea from side to side, its powerful jaws tore a chunk from the body of its prey.

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