I would like to thank the following people who have helped me with this book by reviewing content and providing me with photographs: Robert McNeill Alexander, Herculano Alvarenga, Christine Argot, Jennifer Rae Atkins, Susana Bargo, John Clay Bruner, Per Christiansen, Russell L. Ciochon, Darin Croft, Matt Cupper, Chris Dickman, Judith Field, Claude Guérin, Michael D. Gottfried, Tim Halliday, Fritz Hertel, Don Hitchcock, Christine Janis, Paul Johnsgard, Paul Kitching, Rob Kruszynski, Tatiana Kuznetsova, David Laist, Roger Lederer, Adrian Lister, Jeffrey Lockwood, Marco Masseti, Raoul Mutter, Pancho Prevosti, Julian Pender Hume, Víctor Hugo Reynoso Rosales, Dave Roberts, Hans Rothauscher, John D. Scanlon, Elwyn L. Simons, Nikos Solounia, John D. Speth, Mary Stiner, Tony Stuart, Ian Tattersall, Eduardo Pedro Tonni, Cis van Vuure, Ashley Ward, Rod Wells, Richard S. Williams, Paul Willis, and Michael Wilson.

The following institutions have also kindly provided me with photographs: the Natural History Museum at Tring, the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, the Texas Memorial Museum, and the Australian Museum.

Finally, I would like to say a big thanks to Renata Cunha and Phil Miller for the excellent illustrations you will see throughout this book.

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