The Man Who Found Time

"This is an informative and revealing book."

— Times Higher Education Supplement

"An interesting story, gracefully written and concisely told, that will appeal to readers intrigued by the history of scientific thought."

—Baltimore Sun

"Worth reading . . . Repcheck's description of the Scottish Enlightenment is fascinating." —Boston Globe

"Provides many fascinating facts and much praiseworthy prose . . . well worth the read." —Washington Times

"A slim volume that's as readable as it is informative. . . . [Repcheck's] argument . . . is convincing."

—Providence Journal

"Engaging and suspenseful, Repcheck's excellent biography is highly recommended . . . the most recent and most detailed account of Hutton's life and science."

—Library Journal Starred Review

"Repcheck's comfortable style and enthusiasm for his subject permeates his book." —Publisher's Weekly

"Fluidly informative, Repcheck will easily snare readers . . . "


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