This book would not have been possible without the help of many people. First, I want to thank the dozens of scientists with whom I have worked over the past 12 years who have spent a great amount of time introducing me to the world of molecular biology. In particular I thank Volker Wiersdorff, Patricia Kahn, Eric Karsen-ti, Thomas Graf, Nadia Rosenthal, and Walter Birchmeier. Special thanks for a critical reading of the manuscript to Sandro Keller and the following members of his lab at the Leibnitz Institute for Molecular Pharmacology in Berlin: Anja Sieber, Nadin Jahnke, Natalie Bordag, Gerdi Hoelzl, Jana Broecker, and Sebastian Fiedler. My agent, Jodie Rhodes, was instrumental in planning and launching the project. Frank Darmstadt, executive editor, kept things on track and made great contributions to the quality of the text. Sincere thanks go as well to the production and art departments for their invaluable contributions. I am very grateful to Beth Oakes for locating the photographs for the entire set. Finally, I thank my family for all their support. That begins with my parents, Ed and Jo Hodge, who somehow figured out how to raise a young writer, and extends to my wife and children, who are still learning how to live with one.

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