The reconstruction of Gondwana

Geometric evidence alone has also been used in the reconstruction of the southern continents that make up

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110" 100" 90" 80"

Figure 3.3 Reconstruction of the Central American region within the Bullard et al. fit of the continents around the Atlantic (Fig. 3.2). C, location of pre-Mesozoic portions of Cuba (redrawn from White, 1980, with permission from Nature 283,823-6. Copyright 1980 Macmillan Publishers Ltd).
Figure 3.4 Fit of the southern continents and India (redrawn from Smith & Hallam, 1970, with permission from Nature 225,139-44. Copyright 1970 Macmillan Publishers Ltd).

Gondwana. The first such reconstruction was performed by Smith & Hallam (1970) and is illustrated in Fig. 3.4. The shapes of the continental edges of the east coast of Africa, Madagascar, India, Australia, and Antarctica are not quite so well suited to fitting as the circum-Atlantic continents. However this reconstruction has been confirmed by subsequent analysis of the record of magnetic lineations in the Indian Ocean (Section 4.1.7).

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