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Figure The Distribution Of Eurasiatic

Greenberg's book on the grammar of his proposed Eurasiatic family was published in 2000 the second volume, on shared vocabulary, appeared posthumously in 2002. His grouping was developed independently of Nostratic, the superfamily advocated by a Russian school of linguists, but overlaps with it to a great extent. Nostratic differs from Euroasiatic in that it includes Afroasiatic, at least in early versions, and some Nostraticists exclude Japanese and Ainu. An important difference of methodology is that Nostraticists insist proto-languages be reconstructed as the basis for comparison, a procedure that Greenberg skips. To English speakers, it may not be instantly obvious that their language has anything whatsoever in common with Finnish, Turkish, or Inuit, let alone Japanese, as the Eurasiatic hypothesis asserts. Given the speed of language change, and the 10,000 years or more that separate all these daughter tongues from the assumed proto-Eurasiatic, only a few echoes would be...

The lonely world of the CMP

On Apollo 15, Al Worden figured that since he was going to be reappearing from around the Moon's far side every 2 hours, it would be a fitting gesture to greet the planet in a variety of languages to symbolise that he was greeting the whole Earth and its inhabitants, not just English speakers. With help from his geology teacher, Farouk El-Baz, Worden wrote down the words, ''Hello Earth. Greetings from

Section The dilution effect

Why did not the same process result in a lowering of average IQs in England Part of the reason is that Englishmen were more likely than Portuguese to bring their families with them when they went overseas. Another reason is that the English usually derided the hybrids as half-breeds, and refused to accept them socially as a part of the English nation. (In like fashion, in English-speaking countries mulattos are socially categorized as blacks, although from a biological viewpoint it would be just as accurate to categorize them as whites.)

Making Observations in the Field

In the field is a favorite phrase of English-speaking geologists, paleontologists, and some ecologists for referring to their outdoor work, and the same types of scientists in other countries use very similar sayings (e.g., en el campo in Spanish). Fossils come out of the earth, so many paleontologists go in the field to search for them. A typical beginning for some paleontological investigations consists of wandering through open countryside, looking at the ground. In dinosaur paleontology, this searching often takes place in deserts or other arid areas lacking appreciable vegetation, although any area containing Upper Triassic-Upper Cretaceous rocks representing terrestrial environments might be examined. This simple methodology has worked well for the past two centuries and probably will not change very much in the near future.

Goldschmidts Useful Developmental Approach

The German paleontological tradition also involved beliefs in heterodox notions such as orthogenesis and major saltations in evolution. Although Schindewolf's (1936) saltationism continued a German morphological-paleontological tradition (see Reif 1983a), it failed to elicit a following among English-speaking paleontolo gists and never led to a useful program of paleontological-evolutionary research in Germany. Thus, the German paleontological tradition also failed to penetrate evolutionary thinking in the English-speaking world. But the same period of the late 1930s and 1940s included another major movement in paleontology, pioneered largely by George Gaylord Simpson and later by Norman D. Newell (e.g., 1952), which made great progress in the understanding of evolutionary biology and macroevolution.

Genetic Background of Language

A by now famous gene is FOXP2, that was first called attention to by Gopnik (1990). In a certain English-speaking family there is a dominant allele that causes the syndrome, formerly grouped under SLI, but recently termed developmental verbal dyspraxia (DVD). There is no disagreement that SLI is real. It is more contested how closely it is limited to, or rooted in, a specific grammatical impairment. The Gopnik (1990, 1999) case has been very stimulating because of its characterisation as 'feature-blind' dysphasia and its obvious genetic background (a single dominant allele). Whether other cognitive skills are also, or even primarily, affected, has been debated ever since (Vargha-Kadem et al., 1998). More evidence with other linguistic groups is accumulating (Dalalakis, 1999 Rose and Royle, 1999 Tomblin and Pandich, 1999). A study (Van der Lely et al., 1998), sadly without genetics, claims to demonstrate that grammatically limited SLI does exist in 'children' (although only one child...

Taxic versus the transformational approach to homology

The collapse of a bridge or the burning of a house are events that witnesses can point at, but the transformation events that are of interest to systematists are events of the past. What is required, therefore, is identification of character states and inference of their transformation. However, character state transformation has always been treated primarily as a metaphor Furthermore, character states themselves can be seen as manifestations of the transformational metaphor'' (Weston 2000 p 135). In this quote, I would replace the term metaphor'' with that of concept,'' for as convincingly argued by Hanson (1961), perception itself entails a conceptual component (Rieppel 2004a). As noted earlier, the mere pointing at a rabbit and the utterance of gavagai'' by a native speaker does not tell the English speaking audience what the native speaker means by gavagai a rabbit, an undetached rabbit-part, or a rodent (Quine 1964) It seems impossible to meaningfully talk about the world without...

Giving birth to convergence

The ability of birds to vocalize needs, of course, little emphasis twittering, booming, squawks, hooting, and melodious song are all familiar, as are the mimics, such as some parrots and the mynah birds. One African Grey I knew could produce a remarkable repertoire of sounds, including the Greenwich time pips with eerie accuracy and now, her companion Caroline Pond tells me, is well up with mobile phones and car alarms. And there are more poignant instances. Darwin, for example, in a section on the extinction of races and tribes remarks that 'Humboldt saw in South America a parrot which was the sole living creature that could speak a word of the language of a lost tribe.'170 Even so, we tend to regard bird mimics as simply amusing, and their songs as only incidentally beautiful and in reality vocal expressions of territorial demarcation and the urgent priorities of mate attraction. Perhaps so, but it transpires that in reality there are under-appreciated similarities between our...

The Antediluvian World

Ignatius Donnelly's Atlantis The Antediluvian World was published in 1882 by the former Congressmen from the State of Minnesota. Apparently having taken advantage of the availability of the Library of Congress while he was in Washington, D.C., Donnelly published his influential book on Atlantis shortly after his retirement from public life. Though there had been books on Atlantis before Donnelly's, none managed to gain the popular attention that his did, especially in the English-speaking world. Other modern speculators had identified Plato's Atlantis with various ancient cultures, perhaps most importantly with the ancient cultures of the Americas, so Donnelly was certainly not the first in that regard. His work, however, had the benefit of being well written and accessible to the average reader of the day.

Solution Language Is Unique to Humans

Ludwig Wittgenstein once famously remarked that if a lion could talk, we would not understand him. It is easy to see the philosopher's reasoning lions must perceive the world in ways quite alien to us. They possess drives and senses we simply do not share. on the other hand, the statement is all wrong. If a lion spoke English, then presumably English speakers could understand him but the mind of that lion would no longer be a lion's mind. The lion would no longer be a lion. Humans talk lions do not.230

Charles H Lineweaver

Speak and have to forage in the wild. Meanwhile, three species of apes (chimps, gorillas and orangutans) learn to speak English, ride horses, farm corn, shoot rifles, and in general begin to act like hairy Victorian humanoids with human-like intelligence. They move into the recently emptied intelligence niche and turn into the functional equivalent of humans (to use Carl Sagan's term, Sagan, 1995a). On the Planet of the Apes, human-like intelligence is so adaptive that it is a convergent feature of evolution - species are waiting in the wings to move in and occupy the intelligence niche.


Morse input consists of dots and dashes which, on decoding, are re-rendered in another script (e.g. SOS). All processes (symbolised by are causal. In practice, both monolingual English speakers and machines can render dots or dashes into English (or Chinese). Such constructed codes bear the hallmark of invertability

Forest Friends

Russian Bigfoot researcher Dmitri Bayanov has focused on the Janice Carter Coy case, especially the claim that the creatures can speak English, in his argument that Bigfoot are more than animals, if not quite human. They are, he suggests, best considered to be 'manimals.' The fact that Carter Coy's grandfather could teach young Fox English and could co-exist in a complex social relationship with the Bigfoot indicates that the creatures are closer to humans than are any other known species.


The story of eugenics will be left for a later chapter, but it is little wonder that this history of intelligence testing has left most academics, especially those in the social sciences, with a profound distrust of anything to do with IQ tests. When the pendulum swung away from racism and eugenics just before the Second World War, the very notion of hereditarian intelligence became almost a taboo. People like Yerkes and Goddard had ignored environmental influences on ability so completely that they had tested non-English speakers with English tests and illiterate people with tests requiring them to wield a pencil for the first time. Their belief in heredity was so wishful that later critics generally assumed they had no case at all. Human beings are capable of learning, after all. Their IQ can be influenced by their education so perhaps psychology should start from the assumption that there was no hereditary element at all in intelligence it is all a matter of training.

The Neocortex

Entirely incompetent in written language, or vice versa. They may be able to write but unable to read able to read numbers but not letters able to name objects but not colors. There is in the neocortex a striking separation of function, which is contrary to such common-sense notions as that reading and writing, or recognizing words and numbers, are very similar activities. There are also as yet unconfirmed reports of brain damage that results only in the inability to understand the passive voice or prepositional phrases or possessive constructions. (Perhaps the locale of the subjunctive mood will one day be found. Will Latins turn out to be extravagantly endowed and English-speaking peoples significantly short-changed in this minor piece of brain anatomy ) Various abstractions, including the parts of speech in grammar, seem, astonishingly, to be wired into specific regions of the brain.

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