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Demetris is the creator of Passion Blog Pro that involves training in making money online. His vast experience working in different settings involving marketing, social media, business and managing he pushed him to become a genius at what he does. He created an 8 hour over the shoulder training that will guide you through each step you should take as if you have never heard of generating money online. It will help you find your passion and your category, building a website or blog, strategizing with the marketing techniques and Facebook and Google. His videos will also walk you through your first steps of making the first sales and maintaining a healthy rate of income. The momentum you build making your first few dollars at first will spike up within the first few days to even reach 100$ a day. He even provides testimonials of people who made a massive income that they were not even making while working in a corporate job. The 8 hour training will show each step you need to take to also make your products attract more traffic and by default, more sales. He also shows how to make your SEO planning perfect so your rank higher in the system. The purchase of the product also comes with a membership to the Facebook that he created where he has his best examples of the people that made great success using Passion Blog Pro. Read more here...

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Contents: Video Course
Author: Demetris Papadopoulos
Official Website: passionblogpro.com
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Highly Recommended

The author presents a well detailed summery of the major headings. As a professional in this field, I must say that the points shared in this ebook are precise.

As a whole, this manual contains everything you need to know about this subject. I would recommend it as a guide for beginners as well as experts and everyone in between.

Orbiting Quarantine Facility

As robot spacecraft and crewed vehicles expand the human sphere of influence into heliocentric space, people must also remain vigilant about the potential hazards of extraterrestrial contamination. Scientists, space explorers, and extraterrestrial entrepreneurs must be aware of the ecocatastrophes that might occur when alien worlds collide especially on the microorganism level.

How Selection Happened

Our picture of how natural selection favored higher intelligence among European Jews in the Middle Ages relies upon three key observations. The first is that prosperous individuals had considerably more children, on average, than nonprosperous individuals in those days, as was then typical in most societies.46 Second, Ashkenazi jobs were cognitively demanding, since the members of this group were essentially restricted to entrepreneurial and managerial roles as financiers, estate managers, tax farmers, and merchants. These are jobs that people with an IQ below 100 essentially cannot perform. Even low-level clerical jobs require an IQof something like 90.47 So, intelligence must

Apollo an extraordinary adventure

Audi Exhust

However, unlike the shadowy exploits of the US defence community, Apollo was carried out in the open. It was a fantastic feat executed in full view of the world for its propaganda benefits, even though such a stance left NASA exposed at every failure of machine or management, or every time a crew was killed. One result of this openness was the inspiration it gave to vast numbers of children to take up careers in science and technology. On 4 October 2004, a small oddly-shaped spacecraft won the X-prize, a 10-million sum offered to the first privately financed three-man ship to rise above the internationally agreed threshold of space at an altitude of 100 kilometres, although on this occasion ballast replaced the weight of two passengers. Despite the substantial prize, no profit was made from this early effort in commercial space transport, as it relied on a 20-million investment by Paul Allen, an entrepreneur whose fortune began in the mid-1970s when he co-founded the software giant...

Frauds Fakes and surprises

Fake Cat Mummies

During the late 19 th and early 20 th centuries, traveling carnivals attracted many paying customers into their sideshow tents with a wide variety of concocted beasts, mummified humans, and unique variations of the human anatomy. Many of these items were very realistic in appearance and quite cleverly constructed. The sideshow industry was clearly a profit maker for traveling shows, so much so that ancillary industries sprang up to provide quality fakes for the entrepreneurs of the day. Once such company, the Nelson Supply House, published a catalog of creatures, oddities, and crafted human remains that were turnkey operations, complete with banners to advertise these wonderful and unique variations of nature to the carnival attendees, guaranteed to get their entry fee as well as their eyes and ears into the sideshow tent. Figure 9.16 presents an x-ray of one of the now well-known Fiji Mermaid attractions that traveled the sideshow circuits. The radiographs reveal the construction...

Concrete cauliflowers

If your fridge is anything like mine, there'll be all sorts of strange and not so wondrous things lurking inside. Perhaps there's a cauliflower that's been sitting in there, minding its own business, for weeks. Rather than the crisp, snowy white ball that went in, it is now a crusty black lump that looks as though it's about to crawl out of the fridge on its own. This rather smelly object looks uncannily like some rocks that grow in shallow bays and lakes in Western Australia. These rocks are called stromatolites (stro-mat-o-lites), and they are very peculiar, not just because they look like concrete cauliflowers, but because they grow.

Corporate rescues

Iridium secured 3 billion to keep it afloat during the rescue effort, but the company was wound up in March 2000 after the telecommunications entrepreneur Craig McCaw declined his support.104,1 5 Of the 78 satellites that had been launched, 12 were no longer operational, and it was decided to de-orbit those that were functional in order to preclude their becoming orbital debris.106 However, in December 2000 a venture capital start-up called Iridium Satellites took over the bankrupted Iridium Incorporated,107 and in March 2001 it purchased the assets for 25 million. The

Jurassic Park Dreams

Jurassic park, Michael crichton's best-selling novel translated into Steven Spielberg's blockbuster movie, is a story of science gone wrong. Reckless humans embark on an entrepreneurial journey in which technology outstrips wisdom and the result is catastrophe. Despite this cautionary message, one of the questions now asked most frequently of paleontologists is whether such a re-created dino theme park might ever be realized. Will we one day possess the technological prowess (presumably still without the corresponding wisdom) to clone dinosaurs and set up a prehistoric zoo For better or worse (I suspect the former), the short answer is no. However, such a succinct response is rarely satisfactory, so let me elaborate as a means of beginning our discussion of the Jurassic Period.

The Locals

Habituation requires several elements and Powell offers pointers for habituating a Bigfoot of your own, including what he calls 'Landscaping for Sasquatch.' Your residence should be relatively secluded and should include a reasonably large section of forested land. A ready source of food should be available - an orchard of fruit trees is often successful. You should not actively seek the creatures, but go about you own business. They don't like to be sought out or watched. They also don't like cameras - one flash or shutter click might drive the creatures away for good. Be patient - it could be years before you begin to see signs of the animals' presence. Women

Down In The Valley

One third of the way down the valley on the east side lies the perennially sleepy but spiritually restless town of Crestone. Cradled in the forest beneath the dramatic peaks of the Sangres, and blessed by several rushing mountain streams, Crestone is a power spot (as are Taos, New Mexico, and Sedona, Arizona) that attracts aliens, hippies, and New Age entrepreneurs. These days, you can get about a hundred types of massage and a good latte at most power spots perfect after a long drive through the desert or a journey of many light-years in a cramped saucer.


The biggest deals on the international fossil trade are made in hotel and motel rooms, over beers in bars and out in the parking lots at the Tucson show. The 'Arizona Mineral and Fossil Show' brings the town of Tucson alive with dealers and buyers from all around the world. The 2002 Guide to the show claims that 450 dealers have come to the show from all around the globe. Although most are from the USA, others have come from Germany, England, Russia, France, Italy, Belgium, Morocco, India, China, Brazil, Colombia and Australia. The main action takes place in four of the town's largest hotels, where individual dealers display their wares by day and sleep above or beside their goods by night. More entrepreneurial dealers hire expensive tables to set up larger displays in the hotel ballrooms or lobbies. Smaller operators who can't afford the expensive fees charged by the larger hotels run stalls in open-air marketplaces and parking lots or simply sell stuff from the back of their...

Key Principles For Entrepreneurs

Key Principles For Entrepreneurs

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