From Greg: I'd like to thank my friends and colleagues who were always telling me, "Greg, you should write more" and who encouraged me throughout the project. It turns out that I did have a book in me, but it definitely took a village to help me find my voice. To say that I got by with a little help from my friends doesn't begin to describe my gratitude for the both the general encouragement and the numerous specific helpful suggestions I was so fortunate to receive.

I would also like to give thanks for the limitless amount of patience that has been shown me in the face of an ever-changing and over extended schedule, late nights, canceled plans, and the various unexpected challenges inherent in such a project. A special thanks goes to Stacy Kennedy and the other folks at Wiley who were instrumental in bringing this book to life.

Finally I'd like to acknowledge the many conversations about evolution I've had with random strangers I've met on airplanes, in coffee shops, and at cocktail parties — everywhere from the top of a cold mountain in New Hampshire to a toasty warm pub in New Zealand. I learned a lot from those conversations about what people want to know about evolution and where things get confusing, and I've tried to address these areas in this book.

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