Icons Used in This Book

The icons in this book help you find particular kinds of information that may be of use to you.

Sometimes, you can understand a scientific point by looking at it a little differently or comparing it to something similar, and this icon appears next to material that helps you do that.

This icon points out evolutionary principles that you want to remember because they're important to the topic at hand or because they're fundamental to understanding evolutionary biology.

This icon appears beside information that is interesting but not necessary to know. In fact, feel free to skip the info here, if you want. Doing so won't impair your understanding of evolution.

Sure, I could just tell you what evolutionary biologists say about evolution, but I prefer to show you how they know. This icon appears next to sections about scientific experiments designed to test evolutionary processes. And because the whole point of experiments is to test an idea, not to build up proof that the idea is right, some of these case studies end up revealing things that the researchers didn't necessarily expect.

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