Appendix The Historydeniers

p. 429 At irregular but frequent intervals since 1982: Gallup poll numbers taken from 'Evolution, creationism, intelligent design',

p. 430 In 2008 the Pew Forum published a similar poll: Pew poll numbers taken from 'Public divided on origins of life', conducted 17 July 2005, origins/.

p. 431 What about Britain? How do we compare? Ipsos MORI poll numbers taken from 'BBC survey on the origins of life', conducted 5-10 Jan. 2006, content/bbc-survey-on-the-origins-of-life.ashx.

p. 432 A more ambitious survey: Eurobarometer 224 survey numbers taken from 'Europeans, science and technology', conducted Jan.-Feb. 2005, archives/ebs/ebs_224_report_en.pdf.

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