Chapter Arms Races And Evolutionary Theodicy

p. 380 The five fastest runners among mammal species: List from blog/top-twenty-20-fastest-land-animals-including-humans.

p. 382 My colleague John Krebs and I published a paper on the subject in 1979: Dawkins and Krebs (1979).

p. 382 'Before asserting that the deceptive appearance': Cott (1940), 158-9.

pp. 383-4 And there are even, though it may seem surprising, arms races between males and females within a species, and between parents and offspring: See Dawkins (2006), chs 8 and 9, 'Battle of the generations' and 'Battle of the sexes'. p. 390 'What a book a devil's chaplain might write': Darwin (1903). p. 390 '[N]ature is neither kind nor unkind': Dawkins (1995), ch. 4, 'God's utility function'. p. 394 As a matter of interest, there are aberrant individuals who cannot feel pain: For examples, see, id/6379795/.

p. 395 Stephen Jay Gould reflected on such matters in a nice essay on 'Non-moral nature': Reproduced in Gould (1983).

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