Chapter Before Our Very Eyes

p. 112 The graph above shows data from the Uganda Game Department: Brooks and Buss (1962).

p. 113 In that year experimenters transported five pairs of Podarcis sicula from Pod Kopiste: Research on the lizards of Pod Mrcaru from Herrel et al. (2008) and Herrel et al. (2004).

p. 117 All this has been achieved with the bacterium Escherichia coli: Lenski E. coli research from Lenski and Travisano (1994). In addition, Lenski group publications are collected at

p. 131 the celebrated scientific blogwit PZ Myers: pharyngula/2008/06/lenski_gives_conservapdia_a_le.php p. 133 The experiments that John Endler recounted: Guppies research from Endler (1980, 1983, 1986).

p. 138 Among those who have taken it up is David Reznick of the University of California at Riverside: Reznick et al. (1997).

p. 140 some zoologists dispute Lingula's claim to be an almost wholly unchanged 'living fossil': e.g. Christian C. Emig, 'Proof that Lingula (Brachiopoda) is not a living-fossil, and emended diagnoses of the Family Lingulidae', Carnets de GĂ©ologie, letter 2003/01 (2003).

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