Chapter History Written All Over Us

p. 340 'Mr Sutton, the intelligent keeper in the Zoological Gardens': Darwin (1872), 95, 96, 97.

p. 341 In an 1845 communication to the Royal Society: Sibson (1848).

p. 346-7 J. W. S. Pringle . . . was mainly responsible for working out how halteres work: Pringle (1948). p. 353 'If an optician wanted to sell me an instrument which had all these defects':

Helmholtz (1881), 194.

p. 355 'For the eye has every possible defect that can be found in an optical instrument':

Helmholtz (1881), 201.

p. 362 'Despite possession of a well developed larynx and a gregarious nature, the Giraffe is able to utter only low moans or bleats': Harrison (1980). p. 370 'I cannot persuade myself': Darwin (1887b).

p. 370 fn. Not to be confused with another Australian: M. Denton, Nature's Destiny (New York: Free Press, 2002).

p. 371 'patchwork of makeshift s': C. S. Pittendrigh, 'Adaptation, natural selection, and behavior', in A. Roe and G. G. Simpson, eds, Behavior and Evolution (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1958).

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