Chapter The Primrose Path To Macroevolution

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p. 50 'I have carefully measured the proboscis of a specimen': Wallace (1871). p. 57 'The resemblance of Dorippe to an angry Japanese warrior': Julian Huxley, 'Evolution's copycats', Life, 30 June 1952; also in Huxley (1957) as 'Life's improbable likenesses'.

p. 58 I even found a website where you can vote: Samurai crab poll from http://www.pollsb.



p. 58 as one authoritative sceptic has pointed out: Martin (1993). p. 65 'My dear Darwin': Marchant (1916), 170.

p. 67 agronomists at the Illinois Experimental Station began the experiment rather a long time ago: Dudley and Lambert (1992).

p. 67 seventeen generations of rats, artificially selected for resistance to tooth decay:

p. 74 'eager to establish human contact': Trut (1999), 163. p. 77 The so-called spider orchid: Some websites about these include http://www. spider_8-29-08.htm, http://www.,, http://

p. 78 it can be seen in the recording of the lecture called 'The Ultraviolet Garden':

Available on the DVD Growing Up in the Universe from

p. 79 Each species mixes a characteristic cocktail of substances gathered from various sources: Eltz et al. (2005).

p. 81 I have discussed the cleaning habit elsewhere: Dawkins (2006), 186-7. CHAPTER 4: SILENCE AND SLOW TIME

p. 92 fn. Alas, the popular legend: The legend that the periodic table came to Mendeleev in a dream is discussed in G. W. Baylor, 'What do we really know about Mendeleev's dream of the periodic table? A note on dreams of scientific problem solving', Dreaming 11: 2 (2001), 89-92. p. 97 A fortunate aspect of the way igneous rocks solidify is that they do so suddenly: A

sophisticated refinement of the method, 'Isochron dating', is fully described by Chris Stassen on the excellent 'Talk.Origins' website:

p. 100 Here's a direct quotation from a prizewinning creationist website: From http://

p. 105 The strip was divided into three parts: Shroud of Turin dating from Damon et al. (1989).

p. 107 And I haven't even mentioned various other dating methods: For a full list of methods, see

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