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Status of the Observations

This Deep Impact database can be queried using a password protected web interface (see Figure 4). The returned data can be sorted on several key parameters, such as date, time, filter, photometry aperture, by telescope, observer or instrument, and returned as either an HTML table, tab-delimited dataset, an excel spreadsheet or CSv file format.

Gametic disequilibrium under both recombination and natural selection

For those who would like to see the details behind the recombination and natural selection model in Populus, a spreadsheet version of this model is available in Microsoft Excel format. The spreadsheet model will allow you to see all the calculations represented by formulas along with a graph of gametic disequilibrium over time.

How can you get to the Moon with just that

It is common for the Apollo guidance computer to be compared with modern domestic computers. More often, people display incredulity that a task perceived to be as complex as a mission to the Moon could be achieved with a computer no more powerful than a digital watch, pocket calculator or some other lowly item of electronic hardware. This is to misunderstand the nature of computers and how they work. Though limited in resources, the Apollo computer was carefully programmed at the machine code level. It did not require huge resources because its functions were very narrowly defined. The layers of abstraction that go into modern programming, where a high-level language has to be translated to a lower level of coding, were largely unnecessary, and computing power was not required to support sophisticated ancillary devices such as video displays. There was no word processor, spreadsheet, or even a simple decimal calculator, and it lacked even a QWERTY keyboard. Rather than make...

Problem box answer

Each of the values in the transition matrix is obtained using the binomial formula. The chance that a population at fixation or loss transitions to an allele frequency different than 1 or 0, respectively, is always 0. The chance of transitioning from one to four A alleles is identical to the chance of transitioning from three to no a alleles, since the number of A alleles is four minus the number of a alleles. Using this symmetry permits two columns to be filled out after performing calculations for only one of the columns (see table below). The transition probabilities are a function of the sample size only and so are constant each generation. The total frequency of populations in a given allelic state in the next generation depends on initial frequencies of populations in each state (Pt 0(x)). The expected frequencies of populations in each allelic state therefore changes each generation. This Markov chain model is available as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet on the textbook website...

Interact box Genetic drift

Hint using a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel can speed the calculation of averages for a list of values. Enter the values in columns and then use the average function ( AVERAGE( ) with the range specified in the parentheses, such as C1 C10 to indicate the values of cells 1 through 10 in column C). A wide range of other useful functions is provided under Functions in the Insert menu.

Interact box Build your own coalescent genealogies

Building a few coalescent trees can help you to understand how the exponential distribution is put into practice to estimate coalescence times as well as give you a better sense the random nature of the coalescence process. You can use a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet at the textbook website that has been constructed to calculate the quantities necessary to build a coalescent genealogy. The spreadsheet contains the cumulative exponential distributions for a time interval passing without experiencing a coalescent event (see equation 3.74) for up to six lineages. To determine a coalescence time for a given number of lineages, k, a random number between zero and one is Step 1 Open the spreadsheet and look over all the quantities calculated. Click on cells to view the formulas used, especially the cumulative probability of coalescence for each k. This will help you understand how the equations in this section of the chapter are used in practice. View and compare the cumulative probability...

Further reading

You don't have to be a computer programmer to create simulations. Check out this book for step-by-step instructions to construct simulations using the spreadsheet application Microsoft Excel Donovan TM and Welden CW. 2002. Spreadsheet Exercises in Ecology and Evolution. Sinauer Associates, Sunderland, MA.


The measurement of multilevel calibrated QuantiBRITE fluorescent beads enables the construction of a standard curve for antigen quantification. Using a Microsoft Excel-spreadsheet referring to CellQuest, provided by BD Biosciences, the sample fluorescence measured can be converted into the term ABC as shown in Fig. 1C for the expression of neprilysin CD10 on granulocytes. QuantiCALC (BD Biosciences) is an automated quantitation analysis software, which automatically converts the FL2 axis to PE molecules per cell and reports statistics in PE molecules per cell. Without these tools a manual analysis can be performed 1. On a statistics spreadsheet, enter the geometric means from the histogram statistics view for the four beads.

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