Food Allergy

Food Allergies

Food Allergies

Peanuts can leave you breathless. Cat dander can lead to itchy eyes, a stuffy nose, coughing and sneezing. And most of us have suffered through those seasonal allergies with horrible pollen counts. Learn more...

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Practical Considerations and Challenges Regarding Field Paleoimaging

When preparing for an expedition, one of the most critical considerations is an assessment of the characteristics of the individual team members. A questionnaire can be utilized to ascertain the experience level of the individual, languages spoken, special skills (e.g., survival, first aid, etc.), food allergies, general medical concerns with a more detailed health statement to follow, demographic information, and level of training in the various aspects of paleoimaging. Knowing your team is critical to a safe expedition. These questionnaires can also be used to direct a formal orientation session targeted to the specific expedition.

The Diseases By Organ System

Baylisascaris Schroederi

Food allergy was implicated in a case of generalised gastrointestinal illness in an adult female giant panda (SB 127) at the London Zoo (Knight et al., 1982). This individual presented with anorexia, polydip-sia, lethargy, ascites and progressive, severe weight loss. Following weeks of supportive therapy, the panda made a clinical recovery while

Buffer for Basophil Histamine Release

Such as drug and food allergy, where skin testing may be inadequate, flow cytometry may provide valuable clues for patients sensitive to these allergens. tests may, however, be too sensitive patients with class 3 or higher specific IgE (3.5-17.5 kU L) may have food-related anaphylaxis (16) to important food allergens, whereas class 1 or 2 specific IgE (0.35-3.50 kU L) to food allergens may not correlate with skin test positivity and or a history of food allergy (16). Thus, the relative clinical importance of skin testing, relevant clinical history and provocative tests, and specific IgE testing needs to be sorted out.

Panda Testicles

Swollen Testicles

Which results in malnutrition, enamel dysplasia and, eventually, stunted growth. We also have anecdotal and unsubstantiated evidence that some animals may recover and develop into reproductively successful individuals, with only minor residual effects, such as dental abnormalities. Others are unable to recover, continue to develop serious chronic medical problems and never reproduce. Although a definitive cause has not been established, infectious disease (e.g. canine distemper, canine parvoviral enteritis or E. coli enteritis) may play a role in inciting this syndrome in juveniles. Baylisascaris infections are generally considered non-pathogenic, but may also influence the health of young, developing giant pandas. Dietary excesses during growth, nutritional deficiencies (including premature weaning) or diet-induced gastroenteritis may cause growth and developmental challenges. Specific dietary problems, such as lactose intolerance or intestinal dysbiosis, may be examples. Causes...