Axial lobe: central element of the thorax. Cephalon: head of a trilobite.

Ecdysis: process of molting whereby most arthropods intermittently shed their external skeleton in order to grow. Facial suture: break in the trilobite skeleton, usually around the eyes, that facilitated ecdysis.

Fixed cheek: part of the cephalon between the glabella and the facial suture; sometimes called the fixigena.

Free cheek: part of the cephalon outside the facial suture; sometimes called the librigena.

Glabella: raised part of the center of a trilobite head that protected the stomach.

Hypostome: lightly skeletonized cuticle that protected the mouth.

Pleural lobes: two lateral elements of the thorax. Pygidium: trilobite tail.

Thorax: main body of a trilobite, where the segments are.

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