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Cephalopod Middle Jurassic

This ammonite has a compressed shell with pronounced ribs that bifurcate towards the venter. The suture pattern is ammonitic. Sexual dimorphism is known. In the microconch, the smaller dimorph, the aperture is compressed and the lappets are developed. The shell diameter of the macroconch is approximately 5 cm.

Cephalopod Cretaceous

Scaphites is a heteromorphic ammonite typical of the Cretaceous period. This partially uncoiled ammonite has a body chamber in the form of a hook with a slightly constricted aperture that faces upwards. The external surface of the shell is ribbed. The "height" of the shell was typically 7 cm. Due to the orientation of the aperture it is thought that Scaphites floated passively near the sea surface and that its swimming ability was limited.

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