Crinoid Triassic-Recent

This crinoid has a small calyx and very long arms. The length of the figured specimen is approximately 13 cm. Exceptionally preserved specimens of Pentacrinites are found in the Lower Jurassic marls of Dorset, UK. These crinoids are commonly associated with fossil driftwood. It has been proposed that this species of Pentacrinites was pseudoplanktic, living attached to floating driftwood. Eventually the wood became waterlogged and sank into anoxic sediments that preserved the crinoids.


Crinoid Cretaceous

This unusual Cretaceous crinoid does not have a stem or any other form of attachment. The calyx is globular and consists of large polygonal plates (mature specimens can be 6 cm in diameter). The arms were probably very long (up to 1 m), although their precise length is unknown. Marsupites was probably benthic, living with the calyx embedded in the soft chalky sediment of the late Cretaceous sea beds.

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