Gastropod Jurassic-Recent

Belonging to the subclass Prosobranchiata, order Mesogas-tropoda, this freshwater gastropod has an almost planispiral shell (diameter approximately 1 cm). Although the morphology varies within the genera, most species have smooth shells. Living in a range of freshwater environments, Planorbis feeds on algae and plants. Some species live entirely within water, whilst others need to surface for air.

Gastropoda Siphonal Canal Image

Gastropod Pliocene -Recent

This mesogastropod has a moderately high-spired shell with an oval aperture and short siphonal canal. Typically the shell has an external, ribbed sculpture. The height is approximately 8 cm. The visceral mass is situated in the shell and is helically coiled. For protection the head and foot can be withdrawn into the shell and the operculum closes the aperture. Living in sea water up to a depth of 200 m, Buccinum lives semi-infaunally with its siphon extended above the sediment drawing clean water into the mantle cavity. Buccinum is carnivorous.

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