FIGURE 3.41 Protoascon missouriensis showing suspensor (S) with appendages and (a)zygosporangium (AZ) (Pennsylvanian). Bar = 50 |im.

Hell Creek Boundary
FIGURE 3.42 Suspensor appendages of the mucoralean fungus Protoascon missouriensis (Pennsylvanian). Bar = 50|m.

within the Zygomycota, and is now considered to be the sister group of the clade formed by the Ascomycota + Basidio-mycota, based on molecular phylogenies (Blackwell et al., 2006; Redecker and Raab, 2006). Extant Glomeromycota are comprised of obligate symbionts that may form arbus-cules in plant roots; they produce large (40-800 |m),

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