Background Reading

There are many approaches that one might take in the preparation of a volume dealing with fossil plants. Through the years there have been many excellent books on paleobotany that have covered the discipline from many perspectives. We have included a number of these in the bibliography so that the reader may obtain additional information on some of the plant groups presented here, or additional ones not discussed. The following volumes (and references cited therein) will provide supplemental details on many fossil plants: Hirmer, 1927; Arnold, 1947; Darrah, 1960 (FIG. 1.50); Andrews, 1961; Delevoryas, 1962; Mägdefrau, 1968; Archangelsky, 1970; Banks, 1970; Emberger, 1968; Beck, 1976a, 1988; Hughes, 1976 (FIG. 22.15); Remy and Remy, 1977; Taylor, 1981; Thomas, 1981a; Stewart, 1983 (FIG. 14.116 ) ; Gensel and Andrews, 1984; Tiffney, 1985; Spicer and Thomas, 1986; Meyen, 1987; Thomas and Spicer, 1987; Friis et al., 1987; Taylor and Taylor, 1993; Kenrick and Crane, 1997a; Stewart and Rothwell, 1993; Jones and Rowe, 1999 (for methods in paleobotany and palynology); Gensel and Edwards, 2001; Willis and McElwain, 2002; Anderson and Anderson, 2003; Kenrick and Davis, 2004; Anderson et al., 2007; and the Traité de Paléobotanique series, published under the direction of E. Boureau (FIG. 10.108) (Boureau, 1964; Boureau et al., 1967; Andrews et al., 1970; Boureau and Doubinger, 1975) (FIG. 15.14).

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