Precambrian Life 43

The Origin of Life on Earth 44

Origin of Life: Theory and Biology 46

Earliest Record of Life on Earth 47

Historical Background 47 Earliest Records of Life: Paleoarchean (3.6-3.2Ga) 47

Geochemistry 47

Microfossils (Body Fossils) 49

Isua Greenstone Belt, Greenland 49

Warrawoona Group, Australia 49

Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa 51

Stromatolites 52

Sedimentary Evidence 53

Mesoarchean-Neoarchean Life 54

Conclusions: Archean Life 55

Oxygenation of the Earth (2.45-2.2 Ga) 57

Proterozoic Life 59

Paleoproterozoic 59

Origin of Eukaryotes 61

Mesoproterozoic 64

Earliest Multicellular Life 64

Neoproterozoic 64

Bitter Springs Biota 65

Stromatolites 66

Other Microfossils 67

Doushantuo Formation 70

Conclusions 70

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