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Obviously, all facets of the morphology and anatomy of vascular plants cannot be covered in this brief summary. A comprehensive general botany textbook is a good source for more information about the structure and diversity of vascular plants (Mauseth, 2003; Raven et al., 2005; Graham et al., 2006; Stern, 2006). For additional details on plant morphology, see the classic three-volume textbook by Karl Goebel (1928-1933), or Bierhorst (1971) or Gifford and Foster (1989). There are a number of excellent plant anatomy texts, including Esau (1965, 1977), Fahn, (1990), Mauseth (1988), Dickison (2000), Beck (2005), Evert (2006), and Cutler et al. (2007), as well as those that concentrate on angiosperm anatomy, for example, Rudall (2007), or the two series of volumes, Anatomy of the Dicotyledons (Metcalfe and Chalk, 1979, 1983; Metcalfe, 1987) and Anatomy of the Monocotyledons (currently nine volumes), both series edited by anatomists at Kew Gardens.

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