Arrived on Earth

After 3 billion years (your nose to your wrist) of just slimy, gooey bugs and seaweed, and the weird Ediacarans, the seas were now teeming with all kinds of marine animals, from clams and snails to crayfish-like creatures and worms of many shapes and sizes. Some animals had begun to eat each other. Eating mud and sucking on slimy seaweed had somehow lost its appeal.

Creatures like the Anomalocaris had evolved the ability to eat other animals and digest them - these were the predators. This was all very well for them, but for those being eaten (their prey) it was a bit of a shock. With no defences, many species probably died out completely. The ability to eat other animals affected what all other animals looked like for the next 500 million years (from your wrist to your finger tips). From here on, evolution was all about getting better at finding your dinner, or coming up with a way of not becoming a meal for someone else.

First predators appear

First predators appear

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