Rows of holes in sand

Fossils of the first land animals have been found at Kalbarri in Western Australia and in Canada.

These are not fossils of the

Morphology Flowering Plants Class

Working out what type of animal made the tracks is usually not easy. If you are about to get into your car in the morning and see muddy footprints on the bonnet, you can usually tell straightaway that it was that pesky cat again. Each animal leaves its own special footprint. The cat footprint is quite different from that of a duck, for instance (though why a duck should be waddling over the front of your car beats me). But the footprints of the first land-dwellers aren't so easily identified. These creatures all had legs that looked much like crab's legs, so all they left was rows of holes in the sand. And when you've seen one hole, you've seen . ^ ^ SofllC. binij .

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