I am very grateful to my wife, Sue Radford, and my children, Jamie, Katie and Tim McNamara, for reading the book and gently telling me when I was getting too fanciful with my writing. Thanks to Marcus Good for help with websites. Thanks to Sarah Brenan for her very careful and perceptive editing of the manuscript, and for finding such a talented artist as Andrew Plant, who clearly sees ancient life in the same way that I do. I am also grateful to Cheryl Silcox and the students of Helena Valley Primary School for their very helpful feedback on the book.

Ken McNamara

Andrew Plant would like to thank Ken McNamara for having the same weird sense of humour as he does. 'If he wants to name a cyanobacterium after me, that'd be really cool.'

Andrew Plant

The publishers would like to thank the following for photographs used in the text: for those on pages viii (background), 12-13 (background), 13, 14, 15, 37, 42, 48-9 (background), 52, 67 (modern leaf); BrandX Pictures, Bugs and Insects collection, for those on pages 19 (magnifying glass), 53, 68; Dr John Long for the one on page 82; and Ken McNamara for the remainder.

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