We came from slime

KEN McNAMARA has been collecting fossils for so long he almost feels like one at times. He is very happy to work as a palaeontologist at the Western Australia Museum in Perth, where they pay him to spend time on his hobby. As well as collecting fossils, studying them, writing scientific papers and books about them, he and his colleagues have put a great display of them on at the museum called 'Diamonds to Dinosaurs'. Come and see it and meet many of the characters in this book.

ANDREW PLANT has been been drawing fossils, and the creatures that left them behind, almost since he first picked up a crayon. In fact, he'll draw just about anything, and has also written a few books to put the pictures in, as well as illustrating heaps of other people's books. He also teaches schoolkids about dinosaurs at the Monash University Science Centre in Melbourne.

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