On August 20, NASA sends the Voyager 2 spacecraft from Cape Canaveral on an epic grand tour mission during which it encounters all four giant planets and then departs the solar system on an interstellar trajectory. Using the gravity assist maneuver, Voyager 2 visits Jupiter (July 9, 1979), Saturn (August 25, 1981), Uranus (January 24, 1986), and Neptune (August 25, 1989). The resilient, far-traveling robot spacecraft (and its twin Voyager 1) also carries a special interstellar message from Earth—a digital record entitled The Sounds of Earth.

On September 5, NASA sends the Voyager 1 spacecraft from Cape Canaveral on its fast trajectory journey to Jupiter (March 5, 1979), Saturn (March 12, 1980), and beyond the solar system

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