On January 27, disaster strikes NASA's Apollo Project. While inside their Apollo 1 spacecraft during a training exercise on Launch Pad 34 at Cape Canaveral, astronauts Virgil "Gus" I. Grissom, Edward H. White, Jr., and Roger B. Chaffee are killed when a flash fire sweeps through their spacecraft. The Moon landing program was delayed by 18 months, while major design and safety changes are made in the Apollo Project spacecraft.

On April 23, tragedy also strikes the Russian space program when the Soviets launch cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov in the new Soyuz (union) spacecraft. Following an orbital mission plagued with difficulties, Komarov dies (on April 24) during reentry operations, when the spacecraft's parachute fails to deploy properly and the vehicle hits the ground at high speed

The Basic Survival Guide

The Basic Survival Guide

Disasters: Why No ones Really 100 Safe. This is common knowledgethat disaster is everywhere. Its in the streets, its inside your campuses, and it can even be found inside your home. The question is not whether we are safe because no one is really THAT secure anymore but whether we can do something to lessen the odds of ever becoming a victim.

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