Prologue: A Journey to Rome 1

The Musician's Son 5

A Gifted Young Tuscan 8

To Rome and the Jesuits 11

A Surveyor of Inferno 14

The Spheres from the Tower 17

From Pisa to Padua 20

Signs in the Sky 23

De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium 26

Lecturer and Designer 29

A Professor's Commitments 31

Modern Physics Is Born 33

A New Star in an Unchanging Sky? 37

Drawing Close to a Court 39

The Balls Fall into Place 42

The Roman Style 44

The Tube with the Long Perspective 47

ANewWorld 51

Jupiter's Sons 54

Johann Kepler, Imperial Mathematician 58

Several Signs in the Sky 63

Friendship and Power 77

A Dispute About Objects that Float in Water 80

Sun, Stand Thou Still upon Gibeon! 84

The Letter to Castelli 88

"How to Go to Heaven, Not How the Heavens Go" 92

Foolish and Absurd in Philosophy, Formally Heretical 96

The Hammer of the Heretics 98

Deaths and Omens 103

Comets Portend Disaster 107

Weighing the Words of Others on Gold Scales 111

A Marvellous Combination of Circumstances 116

War and Heresy 120

European Power Struggle and Roman Nephews 122

The Old and the New 125

"An Advantageous Decree" 130

Two Wise Men - and a Third 132

The Inquisition's Chambers 139

Diplomacy in the Time of the Plague 144

An Order from the Top 149

"Nor Further to Hold, Teach, or Defend It in Any Way Whatsoever" 161

Convinced with Reasons 165

"I, Galileo Galilei" 170

Eternity 177

A Death and Two New Sciences 181

The Meeting with Infinity 187

"That Universe ... Is Not Any Greater

Than the Space I Occupy" 192

Epilogue 197

Postscript 203

Appendix 207

References 209

Sources 213

Index of Names 219

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