Figure 16.10. Comparison of the predicted secondary structure of the leader region of the polycistronic L10-L7/L12 mRNA recognised by ribosomal protein L10 or pentameric complex L10:L7/L12)4 acting as translational repressors (left) with that of the 23S ribosomal RNA region protected by the pentameric complex L10:L7/L12)4 (right). The dashed box indicate the part of the ribosomal RNA structure most homologous to the mRNA operator. Identical sequences are marked by grey boxes. (Reproduced, with minor modifications, from D.E. Draper, in "Translational Regulation of Gene Expression", J. Ilan, ed., p.p. 1-26, 1993, Plenum Press, New York, with permission).


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