I am very grateful for advice and comments on many of the chapters from colleagues including Sunil Ahuja, Duncan Campbell, Chris Conlon, Doug Higgs, Mark Hirst, David Keeling, Samantha Knight, Anthony Monaco, Sreeram Ramagopalan, Kirk Rockett, Emanuela Volpi and Andrew Wilkie. I am also very grateful to the skilled editorial and other staff at Oxford University Press including Jane Andrew, Carol Bestley, Helen Eaton and Ian

Sherman. The work in my lab is funded by the Wellcome Trust who have been instrumental in supporting many of the key programmes of research described in this book which have advanced our understanding of human genetic variation. Finally, I would like to thank my family for their patience and unwaiving support during the preparation of this book. This book is dedicated to my wife Marian and three daughters Jess, Pip and Kitty.

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