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For a detailed history of Gregor Mendel's research in the context of early theories of heredity as well as the analysis of Mendel's results by subsequent generations of scientists see:

Orel V. 1996. Gregor Mendel: the First Geneticist. Oxford University Press, Oxford.

For recent perspectives on whether or not Gregor Mendel may have fudged his data, see a set of articles published together:

Myers JR. 2004 An alternative possibility for seed coat color determination in Mendel's experiment. Genetics 166: 1137.

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To learn more about the population genetics of DNA typing in criminal investigation consult:

Commission on DNA Forensic Science. 1997. The evaluation of forensic DNA evidence. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 94: 5498-500 (an excerpt from the Executive Summary of the 1996 National Research Council Report). Gill P. 2002. Role of short tandem repeat DNA in forensic casework in the UK - past, present, and future perspectives. BioTechniques 32: 366-85. National Research Council, Commission on DNA Forensic Science. 1996. The Evaluation of Forensic DNA Evidence: an Update. National Academy of Sciences Press, Washington, DC.

To learn more about the Mendelian genetics of the ABO blood group, see the brief history:

Crow JF. 1993. Felix Bernstein and the first human marker locus. Genetics 133: 4-7.

Inbreeding depression has a large literature and probing its causes employs a wide array of methods. A good single source from which to learn more is:

Lynch M and Walsh B. 1998. Genetics and Analysis of Quantitative Traits. Sinauer Associates, Sunderland, MA.

For more detail on ways to estimate gametic disequilibrium, consult:

Gaut BS and Long AD. 2003. The lowdown on linkage disequilibrium. Plant Cell 15: 1502-6.

A review of estimators of gametic disequilibrium, the genetic processes that influence its levels, and extensive references to past papers can be found in:

Flint-Garcia SA, Thornsberry JM, and Buckler ES. 2003. Structure of linkage disequilibrium in plants. Annual Review of Plant Biology 54: 357-74.

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