Hardy Weinberg expected genotype frequencies

• Hardy-Weinberg and its assumptions.

• Each assumption is a population genetic process.

• Hardy-Weinberg is a null model.

• Hardy-Weinberg in haplo-diploid systems.

Mendel's "laws" could be called the original expectations in population genetics. With the concept of particulate genetics established, it was possible to make a wide array of predictions about genotype and allele frequencies as well as the frequency of phenotypes with a one-locus basis. Still, progress and insight into particulate genetics was gradual. Until 1914 it was generally believed that rare

Figure 2.5 Hardy-Weinberg expected genotype frequencies for AA, Aa, and aa genotypes (y axis) for any given value of the allele frequency (x axis). Note that the value of the allele frequency not graphed can be determined by q = 1 - p.
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